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Welcome the autumn breeze with our creative Japanese set menus, starting from THB 999 net per set at Tenshino

From 01/09/2019 until 30/11/2019

Welcome the autumn breeze with our innovative and delectable Japanese set menus. Created with the concept of 6 provinces and 6 highlight ingredients, including Chestnuts from Nagano, Japanese Pumpkin from Kyoto, Asari Clams from Tokyo Bay, Fuji Apple from Aomori Prefecture, Kanpachi from Honshu Island and Shishamo fish from Hokkaido, join us for a seasonal culinary journey around Japan that is sure a delight and surprise.

As trees shed their leaves in an array of beautiful colours and autumn begins in Japan, Tenshino, our chic and innovative Japanese restaurant in Bangkok at Pullman Bangkok King Power, has created a new culinary experience to celebrate everything about autumn, with 2 special Japanese dinner set menus featuring seasonal ingredient highlights such as fish, vegetable, fruit, autumn mushroom and more. Fresh seasonal produce in every dish give your taste buds a new and exciting indulgence and ensure an exclusive dining experience in an elegant ambiance.


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Grilled Shishamo

Kanpachi Nigiri

Asari Wafu Pasta

Fuji Apple Sorbet

Japanese restaurant in Bangkok


Autumn Sashimi

Japanease Pumpkin Croquette

Kanpachi Steak with Kuri Gohan (Chestnut Baked Rice)

Kuriyama Parfait

Japanese restaurant in Bangkok


Shishamo (Hokkaido)

Shishamo are a slim variety of Japanese saltwater smelt fish and are just 15 cm long, with a silver underside and darker topside. Unique to Japan, this species of Japanese autumn fish can only be found along the Pacific coast of Hokkaido, and the small hauls and delicate flavour make them highly prized. Shishamo are caught during the fall season in the river mouths when they, like salmon, return from the ocean to lay their eggs. Due to their roe-carrying state, known as ko-mochi, they are regarded as being the tastiest at this time of year. At Tenshino we serve grilled shishamo as our delicious starter for this autumn season.


Fuji Apple (Aomori Prefecture, Honshu Island)

As you might have guessed, the name “Fuji” originates from Mt. Fuji and the Fujisaki region in Aomori. This fruit has a nice balance of sweet and sour flavours and a tasty texture. It is juicy and filling. You can find Fuji apples throughout the year, but their best season is late autumn to early winter. For this autumn set we proudly present Fuji Apple sorbet as our seasonal dessert.


Kanpachi (Central and South of Honshu Island) 

With the first days of autumn upon us, Kanpachi or Amberjack is appearing on plates in Japan. It is caught along central and south Honshu Island, with a lot of fish caught in Suruga Bay in Shizuoka Prefecture. Kanpachi has a distinctly fresh, sweet flavor, and firm texture. The light pink, translucent flesh excels in sashimi presentations, and the clean, rich taste shines through when cooked, hence we proudly present Kanpachi in its beautiful original form as sashimi and cooked as Kanpachi steak.


Chestnut (Nagano Prefecture)

Chestnuts are a favourite autumn food in Japan. Known as “kuri” in Japanese, they are sometimes also referred to by the French name of “marron”, particularly when used in Western-style desserts.

Japanese chestnuts are small-to-medium sized, with a spiny outer hull and a double-layered shell protecting soft yellow flesh. They can be roasted, boiled, steamed, candied, or dried and ground up to make chestnut flour. Here at Tenshino we use this special ingredient for both savory “Kuri Gohan”, or Japanese chestnut rice, and sweet for Kuriyama parfait.


Japanese Pumpkin (Kyoto Region)

Japanese pumpkin or  kabocha squash, is a Japanese staple ingredient that’s prized for its sweet taste, velvety texture, slew of health benefits and versatility. If you love pumpkin and sweet potato, then kabocha will quickly become your new best friend this fall. We used this hearty ingredient in our flavorsome pumpkin croquettes.


Asari Clam (Tokyo Bay) 

The prominent flavour of clams delivers that distinctive umami component to many dishes. They also add a great deal of health benefits to the plate! Here at Tenshino we offer Asaari Wafu pasta, an easy-to-make yet inventive fusion dish based on the classic Italian recipe. Made with littleneck clams steamed in sake, shiitake mushrooms, nori, and other delectable ingredients, diners are sure to adore this simple dish.



Tenshino is a chic innovative Japanese restaurant in Bangkok located on the second floor of Pullman Bangkok King Power. The restaurant is set in casual surroundings with a touch of bohemian style. Featuring both communal and individual tables, the restaurant is a relaxed social space where guests can gather around and enjoy unique Japanese dishes made from the freshest ingredients imported directly from Japan. Children are welcome with family.


Tenshino is located on the 2nd floor in Pullman Bangkok King Power. The best Japanese restaurant in Bangkok is ideally located in the centre of Bangkok city with easy access for family and friends via the Victory Monument BTS Skytrain station and Airport Rail Link, or guests can reach the hotel by taking the complimentary tuk-tuk shuttle bus transportation provided at Century Mall standby every 15-minutes.

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10% discount for King Power & Accor Plus members and online booking.

Above prices are net and inclusive of service charge and government tax.

This set menu cannot be used with cash voucher or any other offer.

The promotion ends 30th November 2019.

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