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Tenko prepares to celebrate its soon-arriving 5th anniversary in true Japanese style, with its Master Japanese Chef Daisuke Nishimura guaranteeing an exclusive dining moment, introducing his new omakase menu that expands the boundaries of taste and presentation. The celebratory menu “Kyūshū No Takara” will delight all the senses and leave guests with an unforgettable dining experience.

True to the name, the special dinner menu, which directly translates as “The Treasures of Kyushu”, presents diners 16 separate elements featuring culinary delicacies inspired by the renowned prefectures of the famous Kyushu island.


The Treasures of Kyushu

Curated exclusively as part of Tenko’s anniversary, each of the featured omakase delights showcases the supreme quality of carefully-sourced ingredients such as the incredible Takezaki crabs of Saga, preciously-grown strawberries from Fukuoka, and the ever-popular mustard-stuffed lotus roots from Kumamoto. Furthermore, the menu also brings to diners some of the best catches of Nagasaki including “Isaki” (threeline grunt), “Buri” (yellowtail) and “Saba” (mackerel), as well as wild-caught sea scallops, Ezo abalone and trout caviar from Hokkaido.

Available from 29 November to 17 December 2023, the special celebratory menu is priced at THB 7,000 per person.

Combining traditional techniques, unique creativity and a strong expertise of kappo-style culinary arts, Chef Daisuke will take center stage with his meticulously-prepared creations to ensure diners a multi-sensory gastronomic moment and an authentic exploration of original Japanese omakase cuisine.

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Truly Memorable Moments

To commemorate the occasion, Chef Daisuke has also prepared for each guest to take home more than just a memorable dining experience, with a special gift of his favorite tamagoyaki treat to complete the journey in true Japanese style.

Additionally, during the celebrations, diners may also continue to enjoy Tenko’s well-regarded regular omakase lunch option that has made an indelible mark on patrons’ palates, and they will be delighted to find long-standing favorites and signature dishes where the chef’s inventiveness and the highest quality ingredients combine to create a symphony of memorable flavors.


Omakase meets Kappo
at Tenko

First opened in 2019, Tenko is a premium Japanese restaurant offering authentic omakase dining, presented through the traditional ‘kappo’ style of cooking under head chef Daisuke Nishimura, who brings his decades of expertise to every dish. The restaurant’s stand-alone structure is situated amidst lush greenery and koi ponds within the outstanding confines of Pullman Bangkok King Power.

Here, Japanese food enthusiasts can expect a personalized culinary adventure, where the chef’s inventiveness and the finest produce seamlessly merge to produce an unforgettable medley of flavors.

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