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From 01/12/2018 until 28/02/2019

Our delicious and heartwarming winter set menus are here! Using fresh seasonal ingredients and beautifully presented in artistic and colorful decorative styles, come and sample delightful Japanese dinner set at Tenshino, our chic and innovative restaurant in Bangkok. Each of the carefully selected ingredients and dishes has an individual and auspicious meaning, usually comprising a variety of portions, so that you can not only enjoy many different mouthwatering tastes, but also the beautiful colours and arrangements.

Japanese cuisine uses a wide range of ingredients and has incredible dishes for every season throughout the year to delight every palate. Guests can chase away the cold weather with popular warming dishes such as creamy stew and wild fish sashimi. Our winter set menus provide a great way for friends and family to gather round and have warm and friendly conversations while eating delectable fare, so come and join us this winter season.

Let’s take a look at our top recommendations for this winter season.


3- Course Winter Set Menu, THB 999 net/person


White cream stew

Japanese oyster gratin

Grilled hamachi with steamed rice and miso soup

Homemade ice ceam

Japanese dinner set


4- Course Winter Set Menu, THB 1,499 net/person


White cream stew

Winter sashimi

Seared monkfish with yuzu sauce

Yuzu tiramisu

Japanese dinner set


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Japanese oysters are at their best in late winter and early spring. One of the most interesting and unique dishes in our Japanese dinner set menus is Japanese oyster gratin; a hot, slightly salty and very cheesy oyster gratin cooked and served in its shell. This dish is a real winter favorite in Japan as it is very rich and warming.

Known in Japan as “Hamachi’ or “Buri” (depending on its size), the Japanese amberjack or yellowtail is a type of fish that is highly appreciated as a winter delicacy. It is farmed extensively in many parts of the country and the best season to try this beautiful fish is from December to February, when the flesh colour turns gradually from pink to white. High-grade Hamachi is commonly eaten as sashimi and grilled and therefore we have created the delicious ‘Grilled Hamachi with steamed rice and miso soup’ for our winter set menu.

Alternatively, another must try fish during this season is Monkfish. The white meat is light on your tongue and its collagen-rich skin has an amazing jelly-like texture. The taste is simply superb for this colder time of the year and guests must try our ‘Seared Monkfish with Yuzu sauce’ as a stunning main course.

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