A Bistronomy experience at Wine Pub

Meet classic dishes with a truly gastronomical audacity at Wine Pub

Located on the second floor of Pullman Bangkok King Power, Wine Pub has always been renowned for its delicious dishes and eclectic selection of wines all served in a vibrant yet relaxing atmosphere.

Wine Pub places itself neatly between being both a brasserie and restaurant and with a real capacity to mix classic fare with a touch of truly inspirational gastronomy guarantees and evening of sheer indulgence.

Thus, “Bistronomy” has become the perfect word to describe Wine Pub.

This culinary term first appeared in France during the 90’s when young chefs decided to implement their talents in a relaxing bistro-like way.

The French portmanteau of Bistro and Gastronomy ideally represents Wine Pub’s consummate blend of quality food and an easy atmosphere.

Wine Pub has proven that it fully deserves the term of Bistronomy by recently welcoming Chef Gilles Reinhardt from Paul Bocuse’s 3-Michelin star restaurant in Lyon, France who offered all who came a complete gastronomical experience at a very reasonable price.

With a selection of 48 enchantingly diverse wines now available by the glass and a choice of premium wines and Grand Cru, Wine Pub has every ingredient you need for a dining experience to be savored.

Need advice on a vintage that perfectly complements an aromatic pan-seared French turbot fillet or fresh mushroom risotto with foie gras? Our knowledgeable team is always on hand to offer you the best food and wine pairings and make sure your Bistronomy experience exceeds your expectations.

Wine Pub’s ultimate goal is to transport you to a world of sumptuous gourmet cuisine and sublimely intoxicating wines – a world that is waiting for you every night of the week at Pullman Bangkok King Power.

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