Fish Festival! The Best Seafood Buffet in Bangkok

The Best Seafood Buffet in Bangkok now comes with 5 types of fishes cooked in 49 styles throughout the whole month!

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This September, Cuisine Unplugged brings the freshest of fishes to you in its ‘Fish Festival’ dinner buffet to live up to its reputation of the best seafood buffet in Bangkok.

We all know fish is good for health – now we served them seared, stir-fried, steamed, deep fried, raw, anything to match your liking!

Take the international buffet to the next level with unlimited serving of snow fish, salmon, sea bass, tuna, and grouper – all cooked into 49 different dishes rotating each night throughout the month including stir-fried sea bass with XO sauce, steamed grouper with Chinese soy sauce, and 3 flavours tuna. Top these with 3 kinds of French oysters: Fine de Claire, Pacific, and Normandy.

As the best seafood buffet in Bangkok, Cuisine Unplugged also serves fresh seafood on ice including blue crabs, New Zealand mussels, and shrimps with various condiments to suit your taste.

Apart of impressive array of fishes and seafood prepared in live cooking stations, guests can enjoy dishes from all over the world such as Peking duck and suckling pig, Pan-seared foie gras, or elegant caviar. Select the next dishes from the salad station presenting more than 5 varieties of assorted delicacies or finish your palate with a counter dedicate to desserts!

Balance your healthy diet with sweet treats of macarons, cake, fresh fruits, crepe, and ice cream and end your splendid dinner on a high note!

Get your table now to experience the full sensation of the best seafood buffet in Bangkok at Cuisine Unplugged today. Advance booking is highly recommended!

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Best seafood buffet in Bangkok

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