Bangkok attractions

Bangkok Attractions

Talking about Bangkok attractions, first of all, many people may think about the Grand Palace, the Reclining Buddha. Indeed, been one of the world’s most touristic cities, the capital of Thailand has so many charming tourist attritions all over the city. If you have a passion in culture, religion and history. Bangkok is a city that you cannot miss. There are thousands of temples, more than 70 museums and galleries in Bangkok. What to see will never be a question, the only concern is do you have enough time?

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Thailand is a Buddhism country, according to statistic, 94% of Thai population are Buddhists. Theravada Buddhism is everywhere in Thai people’s daily life. That’s why Bangkok has thousands of temples in the city. Visiting Buddhism temples is the best way to learn Thai culture and Thai people ‘s life.

Buddhist temples in Thai called “Wat “, the Architecture of “wat “ is based on traditional Thai house style. Walking on the street you can easily recognize those magnificent “wat”. They are much bigger and usually decorated with golden colour, shinning under the sun.

In Thai history, Wat architecture has seen many changes. Most of them are well protected until today, although you can see many differences in layout and style. Some of the most famous temples in Bangkok including the grand palace and emerald temple, the most important Bangkok attraction; at Wat Pho, you will find Thailand’s biggest Reclining Buddha and can enjoy traditional Thai massage: Wat Arun is one of the most beautiful temples in Bangkok. it also called “sunrise temple”.The sunlight reflecting on the temple is a signature image of Bangkok attractions.

Bangkok attractions


Bangkok is crowded, hot, and full of traffic, but you will never feel bored in Bangkok. most of the tourists have put temples, street food, shopping mall, the night market on their itinerary. But museums in Bangkok is truly something everyone should not miss, there are some interesting and unique museums worse to visit. It should be part of any visitor’s itinerary when visiting the city of angle.

If you are first to visit Bangkok, The Jim Thompson House is a Bangkok attraction you need to visit. The museum itself is a beautiful traditional Thai house. Created by American Thompson, Visitors can visit the entire house and gardens. In particular, the museum also provides guided tours in a variety of languages, including mandarin and English.

if you go to Bangkok without visiting the Bangkok National Museum, it means that you have not visited Bangkok yet. this is the all- in- one stop to learn about history, culture and traditions of Thailand. The National Museum of Bangkok is the largest national museum in Southeast Asia. Built-in 1782, it has collected the withering and classical works of art from various periods in Thailand, from the Stone Age till the contemporary Bangkok Dynasty. Utensils, folk utensils, ancient Buddha statues, king’s royal weapons and handicrafts from ancient times to today.


Erawan Shrine also called The four-faced Buddha, located in the very heart of Bangkok, near central world Bangkok, This famous Hindu shrine which houses a statue the god of creation also known as Lord Brahma who is full of kindness, mercy, sympathy and impartiality. These four virtues are represented by his four faces, each radiating a serene grace.

The Mahanakhon Skywalk is a new Thailand’s highest viewpoint, at 314 meters high, offers striking 360-degree panoramic views of the city from an indoor and outdoor viewing area. It is truly a must-see attraction when you visiting Bangkok. Experience the thrill and enjoy the breathtaking views from the Indoor Observation Deck on the 74th floor and the Outdoor Observation Deck on the 78th floor.


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Near two main public transportation BTS and MRT, as well as Airport Rail Link. With these modern transport networks, you can travel to every part of Bangkok easily. Only a few minutes You will reach the city’s central business and entertainment districts, more than that, it is only 2 stations to Siam area. stay at Pullman King power Bangkok. You are exactly in the centre of Bangkok .save more time to explore amazing Bangkok attractions

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