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Story of “Tenko”

Tenko (天狐) is defined as the “heavenly fox” in Japanese folklore. After reaching 1,000 years of age it will gaining its ninth tail, turn into a golden color. Therefore, it will become ‘Tenko’ the most powerful form of the kitsune (fox). This perfectly represents our Chef who has gaining years of experience in culinary and artistry skills to become ichinin mae, which means independent chef.

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Open every Wednesday – Sunday

Lunch Course at 12.00  hrs.

Dinner Course  at 17.30 hrs. and 20.00 hrs.

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Japanese culinary has spread over the world, especially sushi which is everyone’s most listed favorite. However, to offer you an authentic and original taste of Japan. Therefore, we import our fish freshly everyday from exclusive Japanese suppliers. Most importantly, we aim to give you a truly cultural and heritage-dining omakase style experience in Bangkok. As a result, with high quality Japanese standards, our creations will take your taste buds on an unforgettable journey. The premium Omakase Bangkok restaurant offers the ultimate private dining experience.

“The Produce”

At the heart of the Omakase Bangkok experience is the quality of the produce. Reflecting the changing seasons in Japan, we import ingredients in from the world, the famous Toyosu market. And other exclusive Japanese suppliers several times per week at the peak of their maturity. Working with small specialty producers all over Japan. All above, Chef ensures a unique supply of products that are rare even in Japan and cannot be found elsewhere in Bangkok. The focus is on seasonal ingredients, often hand-picked for Tenko by artisanal producers. For example, the special ingredients include Takeshima A4 wagyu beef, Hokkaido scallops, red sea urchin from Kyushu, rice from Niigata, and heirloom tomatoes from Yamanashi.

Chef typically starts the meal with a selection of traditional nigiri sushi with the selected fish that is fresh from Japan. Moreover, some dishes have an innovative twist, combining creative preparation methods and time-honoured Japanese techniques. However, the menu will change daily. But examples of special dishes include summer peach with Takoshima wagyu beef, hairy crab with water eggplant, kiku flower and vinegar miso.

“The Design”

Tenko is striking in its minimalist design made from natural materials such as stone and wood, in line with Japanese design traditions. Firstly, the beautiful interiors are in neutral colours with dark wood, cream and grey hues and soft lighting. Secondly, diners can seat at a wooden counter around the open kitchen where they can view the chef in action. Moreover, there is also a separate reception area fitted with comfortable tables and chairs. For guests can relax before or after their dining experience.

To enhance the unique Omakase dining experience in Bangkok even further. All the ceramics and serving ware were hand-picked in Japan from small artisanal potters and craftsmen. Including Shunsuke Tanaka, Takuya Yokoyama and Hideto Kamiizumi. Moreover, the spectacular range includes many limited edition or even exclusively hand-made pieces for Tenko. Furthermore, the delightful glassware is from Kimoto Glassware, a premium glass manufacturer founded in Tokyo’s Asakusa neighbourhood over 80 years ago.


Tenko Omakase Bangkok is situated in a stand-alone structure in the botanic garden, surrounded by lush greenery and koi ponds at the lobby floor in the heart of Pullman Bangkok King Power.





8/2 Rangnam Road, Thanon-Phayathai, Ratchathewi, 10400 Bangkok
Tel: +66 (0)2 680 9999
Fax: +66 (0)2 680 9998

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