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Bangkok Guide

Welcome to our Bangkok guide section where we cater useful information that you might need during your stay in Thailand.


Where to buy sim cards?

Airport kiosks and all 7/11s around town are the most convenient way to purchase your sim card.

Where is the closest hospital?

Phyathai 2 Hospital, one of Thailand’s leading hospitals, is within 15 minutes’ walking distance and only 5 minutes by car. It provides the most advanced equipment ready for any eventuality.

Tel: 02-617-6444

Emergency Numbers:
191 Emergency
1584 Department of Land Transportation – for taxi complaints
1669 Emergency Medical Assistance
1155 Tourist Police
1193 Highway Police

Traveler Tips:
Thais use a pose called the ‘wai’ as a form of paying respect and greeting. You can do it by pressing your hands together in a prayer-like fashion and bowing slightly.
If you use a taxi, always make sure that the fare meter is on. Never take a taxi if the driver asks for a sum of money.
It is considered inappropriate in Thailand to show affection, e.g. kiss, in public places.
Think twice before you hug or touch the opposite gender in Thailand.
Thais just love to help and most of the younger generation understand English.
If you go to famous tourist attractions and the locals say it is closed, then offer you another attraction package; it is most likely a scam. Always go in and check with the attraction’s official representative.

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