Local Food Around Hotel

Local Food Around Hotel


Do you crave local food around hotel when you travel to Bangkok? Then if you are staying at Pullman Bangkok King Power you simply must visit the Victory Monument area. Therefore, it is home to many great local restaurants and food stalls that are open all around the clock. But, it is not only one of the most crowded transportation hubs for many business and leisure travelers to connect to their destination, it is also famous for its local food.

The wide variety of food on offer is delicious and great value. Furthermore, you can enjoy everything from breakfast to a midnight snack. You can find homemade Thai treats and signature local food from nibbles to main dishes on every corner and even in the deepest alleys. Moreover, as it has visitors from everywhere passing through, it serves a variety of cuisine to ensure everyone is completely satisfied. For local food around the hotel, it’s hard to beat!


There are so many fabulous choices for excellent local food around hotel, that it’s difficult to choose where to go. Any of the following places is a top choice!

Thai Taste Hub

Easily accessible on level 3 in King Power Rangnam shopping complex, this is a premium go-to destination for foodies. Thai Taste Hub is decorated with the theme of local shop houses and is packed with top street food served in a modern atmosphere. A trip to Thailand is not quite complete without tasting some of these respected street food offerings including; Hanthadindang, Thai Street Food by Asian Corner, King River Prawns, Kah Moo Chula Samyan, Nai Uan Yentafo, Kway Chap Hongte, Rongmuengkaolao, Thipsamai, Karim Roti-Mataba, Shangarila, La Moon, Yanwo Haochi, Hot Fried by the Emerald 1992, All Coco, Mr. Pramuan Misin Kanom Krok, Lamai Hoi Thod Yaowarat, Siam Wisdom, Jek Meng Chicken Rice, Sawang Noodle and Teerachai Kaiyang. However, with this much choice in one place, it will be difficult to only have one dish!


Victory Point

This open air shopping mall is easy to find: just exit BTS Victory Monument and walk towards the monument itself. Located in front of Centre One shopping mall, Victory Point is made up of an assortment of open air food stalls serving authentic and cheap fried noodles, soup and other delectable Thai dishes.

Kuay Teow Reua

This is one of the most famous local food restaurants around the hotel. Kuay Teow Reua are built alongside the canal and serves excellent boat noodles. They cost just 15 baht a bowl and bring in hundreds of hungry diners every day.


Kuang Seafood

Rangnam Road is one of Bangkok’s best streets for authentic Thai dining, and Kuang Seafood is definitely one of its most famous restaurants. With tanks of fresh seafood visible from the street, it’s impossible to pass by Kuang Seafood without feeling hungry. So, why not choose your very own seafood delicacy and get ready to enjoy a gastronomic treat?

Tida Isaan

Step into Rangnam Road and you’ll quickly spot Tida Isaan. It’s an open air Isaan restaurant behind Century: The Movie Plaza. Therefore, Tisa Isaan attracts locals, expats and tourists alike seeking tasty northeastern Thai food.

Isaan Rot Det

Tida Isaan might have the location, but Isaan Rot Det definitely has the food. Located a little further down Soi Rangnam, Isaan Rot Det serves superb (and extremely spicy) Isaan food with no-frills service. In other words, making it a great choice for lunch or dinner if you’re in the area.

Great Grandson Noodle Bar

Although it’s called Great Grandson Noodle Bar, this quiet neighborhood restaurant serves a huge variety of Thai dishes, all of them are incredible. Moreover, the meals are inexpensive and the juice bar outside delivers refreshing drinks to diners inside the restaurant.


Lastly, the most attractive and charming dining options in Rangnam Road are the famous food stalls, loved by everyone from all over the world. The friendly vendors give everybody a warm welcome and give you a taste of their delicious and freshly made food at very reasonable prices.

Rangnam Road neighborhood is tucked between Phaholyothin and Ratchaprarop roads, close to Victory Monument traffic circle. It’s a neighborhood that holds several hospitals, colleges and a lot of businesses, which means that there is a lot of good and cheap food available. There are plenty of happy and fun places that have sprung up along the street. So, if you’re looking for an evening of wandering, eating and drinking alongside locals rather than travelers and want to discover truly authentic local food around the hotel, this is most certainly your place.


If you begin to explore from the beginning of the alley and walk down the street, you’ll come across many noodle soup stands called baa mee muu daeng (egg noodles with roasted red pork), plus baa mee ped (egg noodles with roasted duck). Look for the vat of broth, piles of noodles, and roasted pork loins or ducks hanging under the lights. Don’t forget to load up your noodles with fermented chili paste from the condiments selection on your table. Also, the Khao Mun Kai (Hainanese chicken rice) is one of the best dishes as well and an unquestionable must-try. Keep walking down the street and you will find a street food bonanza with amazing food to surprise your taste buds.

Finally, what would a meal be without a sweet final addition? In Rangnam Road you’ll find fruit and sweet vendors clustered around the 7-eleven on the right side of the road. Try the unique durian (this spikey fruit smells awful but tastes like silky custard). Or any of the grilled sticky rice sweets (they’ll be wrapped in banana leaf wrappers and roasted over coals). Whatever you choose, you are sure to smile with delight!


If you like to stretch your body and do light exercises, then Santiphap Park is an ideal place for you. It’s located between Ratchawithi Road and Rangnam Road near Victory Monument. The park is the lungs of this area, and is full of plants and beautiful greenery. People come to meet and exercise during the day, and it’s a real community gathering spot.

However, if you like to hang out with your favorite drinks, then we would recommend the following popular bars. Saxophone has been a Bangkok icon since 1987. With nightly live music, art and instruments decorating all the walls and good food and drinks. Saxophone is one of the most popular hangouts for Bangkok locals and expats. Secondly, Skytrain Jazz Club is one of the coolest little bars in the city. Located just across the soi from Century Movie Plaza, the Skytrain Jazz Club is on the rooftop floor of its narrow building. Or if you prefer a simple place to hang out, Baan Bar is located next to King Power Complex and is ideal just to chill out in.


So, as you can see, when you stay at Pullman Bangkok King Power there is plenty of local food around hotel to chose from to suit all tastes and budgets. Whatever you fancy, there is sure to be some unbelievable local food around the hotel that will be truly unforgettable and enough to satisfy any Thai food craving that you may have!


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