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Unveil Exclusive Dining Delights with Your KTC Credit Card! Savor the Best of Bangkok's Culinary Scene at Pullman Bangkok King Power.

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Cuisine Unplugged:
Enjoy 30% discount for one of the best buffets in Bangkok and Sunday Brunch

International Lunch Buffet

Monday – Friday (11.30 – 14.30 hrs.)                  THB 1,015 net (Regular price THB 1,450)

Saturday (12.00 – 15.00 hrs.)                              THB 1,015 net (Regular price THB 1,450)

Seafood & International Dinner Buffet

Monday – Wednesday (18.00 – 22.30 hrs.)           THB 1,225 net (Regular price THB 1,750)

Thursday – Sunday (18.00 – 22.30 hrs.)                THB 1,575 net (Regular price THB 2,250)

Sunday Brunch

Sunday (12.00 – 15.00 hrs.)                     THB 1,813 net (Regular price THB 2,590)


Tenko: Enjoy 20% discount on premium Japanese Omakase dining at Tenko. At the helm, Chef Daisuke Nishimura, with over 20 years of expertise and unique creativity in Japanese cuisine, brings the exquisite art of Kappo-style Omakase to life, and showcase through every meticulously prepared course.

12-course Nigiri Omakase Lunch              THB 2,320 net (Regular price THB 2,900)

14-course Nigiri Omakase Dinner             THB 4,400 net (Regular price THB 5,500)

16-course Premium Omakase Dinner            THB 6,000 net (Regular price THB 7,500)

Tenko is open from Tuesday to Sunday for lunch during 12:00 – 14:00 hrs. and for dinner 2 round during 17:30 – 19:30 hrs. and 20:00 – 22:00 hrs.


Tenshino: Enjoy 25% discount when dining at Tenshino, a chic innovative Japanese restaurant in Bangkok with French influences. The venue is led by the culinary expertise of Chef Pan “Kwanchanok Sritawatcharawong,” who boasts over a decade of experience.

Japanese-French À la carte Selection              Special 25% discount

Tenshino 4-course Set Dinner                      THB 1,350 net (Regular price THB 1,800)

Tenshino is open from Wednesday to Sunday for dinner during 18:00 – 23:00 hrs.



Embark on a culinary journey with KTC Credit Card promotion at Pullman Bangkok King Power. From delectable buffets to premium Japanese and Japanese-French cuisine, savor exclusive discounts!

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