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Open for dine in now, Premium Japanese Omakase dinner by Chef at Tenko Omakase Bangkok

Experience in the tradition of Japanese Omakase Bangkok at Tenko restaurant in the botanical garden where all courses are designed and selected by Chef. All fresh fish and seafood are air-flown from the world famous Toyosu market several times a week. The omakase Kappo-style meal is the world of chef’s choice where the chef prepares one piece of fish at a time, announces its name and origin, answers your questions, and guesses what else you might enjoy and how much more you’d like to eat. All courses are chosen and prepared carefully which can be sushi or tempura, teriyaki or a series of vegan dishes.

  • Dinner Omakase Course is available from Tuesday – Sunday
  • 2 rounds at 17.30 hrs. and 20.00 hrs.
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Japanese cuisine has always been a favourite cuisine for aficionados of the most exquisite food. It is always so fresh, the flavours are exciting and perfectly balanced and the servings are just the right size.

This is why, whatever you do, make sure you don’t miss trying out the popular Japanese omakase-style dining experience when visiting Bangkok. It’s a way of dining that has taken the world by storm, and with very good reason.

So, if you are planning to visit Bangkok, and would like to dine on something different than traditional Thai food, don’t forget to seek out some of the best “chef’s selection” omakase Bangkok restaurants. Over the past few years, Bangkok foodies have welcomed a number of sushi restaurant openings offering a higher-end dining experience called ‘Omakase’, which can be simply translated to ‘I will leave it up to you’ in Japanese, meaning that your meal will be prepared by a trained sushi master and consist of many delicate courses that highlight the freshest fish and most premium seasonal produce of the day.

Omakase is Japanese cooking at its highest form of execution and it’s all about using faultless ingredients and perfect presentation. A good omakase experience should be well-paced and offer guests an opportunity to interact with the master chef. All you have to do beforehand is let the chef know if you have any dietary restrictions, and then just sit back and be surprised and delighted by the delicious array of morsels before you, the absolute freshness of the ingredients and of course the consummate skills of the chef.


Omakase dining is an essential part of any visit to Japan, of course, but fortunately you can enjoy this unbeatable experience without buying a plane ticket. For high-quality sushi and a meal you won’t soon forget, here is one of the best omakase Bangkok restaurants in a great and convenient location that we would highly recommend.



Welcome to Tenko, Pullman Bangkok King Power’s one of a kind omakase Bangkok dining experience. Diners at Tenko will travel on a gastronomic journey in a restaurant set in the most beautiful location. It is a Japanese omakase Bangkok restaurant that is unmatched and provides an ideal venue for a memorable meal that you will never forget.



Tenko Omakase Bangkok can be found in its own beautiful and tranquil stand-alone structure hidden in one of the busiest districts in Bangkok and is located in a beautiful botanic garden, surrounded by lush greenery and koi ponds on the lobby floor level in the heart of Pullman Bangkok King Power. Offering an exclusive dining experience utilizing top quality premium produce, each immaculate dish is prepared and served right in front of you by Chef. Whilst the food is prepared right in front of you, diners will be completely immersed in the whole holistic experience and dazzled by the taste of the most delicate ingredients that are flown in fresh daily from the famous Toyosu fish market in Japan.


An omakase restaurant is only as good as the ingredients that they use. As we offer both visitors and locals the very best omakase Bangkok experience, we insist on the very finest produce, and this is why Pullman Bangkok King Power has chosen to partner with Sun Bridge Foods Co. Ltd as our main suppliers of ingredients for Tenko.

A long-established and trusted company who are fully certified in Japan, Sun Bridge Foods Co. Ltd is an international total logistics company who source and deliver the freshest and best quality foodstuffs direct from premium Japanese suppliers. With their Japanese headquarters located next to Narita Airport, they import direct to Thailand 4 times a week. The majority of their produce comes from Narita Market and the new Toyosu Market, whose goods are delivered on a daily basis from all over Japan. Sun Bridge Foods Co. Ltd guarantees that the foods imported to Thailand are the same high-quality foods that you would eat in Japan.

With their thorough systems and processes regarding sanitation and temperature management, Sun Bridge Foods Co. Ltd has a facility that cannot be matched by any competitors. All of their carefully-selected products imported into Thailand, from vegetables to seafood to wagyu beef, are as fresh as those entering the Japanese market, and this ensures that our guests can enjoy real and authentic Japanese food in Bangkok.

It is having partnerships with top-quality suppliers such as Sun Bridge Foods Co. Ltd which means that Tenko can continue to provide diners with exceptional and innovative Japanese omakase Bangkok dining that is second to none.

Omakase dinner


It could never be the best omakase Bangkok restaurant if it wasn’t in the best location. Tenko can be found at the Pullman Bangkok King Power hotel, which is next door to the King Power Duty Free Complex in the thriving heart of Bangkok, perfectly situated in one of Bangkok’s premier business and shopping areas. With the BTS Skytrain and Airport Rail Link only moments away, Tenko could not be more accessible to all.


Tenko Omakase Bangkok is open from Tuesday – Sunday with 2 rounds for dinner at 17.30 hrs. and 20.00 hrs.

Offer Terms & Conditions

Arriving to the restaurant later than the designated time will have an effect on the dishes of the other customers. As such, we ask our customers to be duly noted that in the case where customers are late for over 30 minutes, there could be some unavoidable cases where we would have to reduce the number of courses normally served in order to maintain food quality to be standardized among all customers.

Booking to dine on the same day and tomorrow, could only be done by phone call and not via website, please call 02-680-9999.

The hotel reserves the right to change any conditions without prior notice.

The above prices are quoted in Thai baht and are exclusive of service charges and government tax.

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