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Delectable Premium Japanese Omakase-style dinner by Chef Goji Kobayashi's Choice at Tenko Omakasa Bangkok

Experience in the tradition of Japanese Omakase Bangkok at Tenko restaurant in the botanical garden where all courses are designed and selected by Chef Goji Kobayashi, a former chef at 1 Michelin-Starred restaurant in San Francisco. All fresh fish and seafood are air-flown from the world famous Toyosu market several times a week. The omakase-style meal is the world of chef’s choice where the chef prepares one piece of fish at a time, announces its name and origin, answers your questions, and guesses what else you might enjoy and how much more you’d like to eat. All courses are chosen and prepared carefully which can be sushi or tempura, teriyaki or a series of vegan dishes.


Chef’s Choice of appetizer, sushi, sashimi, warm dish, soup, and dessert.

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Tenko Omakase Bangkok is situated in a stand-alone structure in the botanic garden, surrounded by lush greenery and koi ponds at the lobby floor in the heart of Pullman Bangkok King Power. Open on Tuesday – Sunday (Closed on Monday), open 2 rounds per day (accepting 10 customers per round) starting from 18.00 hrs. and 20.00 hrs. onwards.

Omakase Bangkok

Terms & Conditions

Arriving to the restaurant later than the designated time will have an effect on the dishes of the other customers. As such, we ask our customers to be duly noted that in the case where customers are late for over 30 minutes, there could be some unavoidable cases where we would have to reduce the number of courses normally served in order to maintain food quality to be standardized among all customers.

Booking to dine on the same day and tomorrow, could only be done by phone call and not via website, please call 02-680-9999.

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